What is your mouth hiding?

What is mouth, according to you? An organ? No, it is not an organ. It is more than it but less than an organ system. In other words it is mini organ system because it consists of different body pasts that carry out half of the digestion.

Your mouth is like a home to different secretions and organisms. Different multicellular and unicellular bacteria live on the remains of your food and organs’ calcium. Do you want to about organs and mouth parts? 

If yes, then scroll down and read below!! 

  1. Teeth: It is one of the most used parts of your mouth which is tasked to carry out first half of digestion because of their shapes and size which give them ability to cut and tear the food. There are four types of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Incisors are front teeth which are followed by other three on each side. There are 32 teeth in your mouth. They are arranged in 2 sets. Each set has equal numbers of teeth. The teeth are not only responsible to help intestine and stomach but they also give beauty to your mouth. That’s the reason why people contact world’s best dentists to have braces in dubai to keep smile attractive! The attractiveness of smile is dependent on whiteness and shape of your strong organ’s enamel and lips. 
  2. Jaws: A jaw is basically a part of teeth which is responsible to hold each set on its place. Therefore, it is the jaws that determine the shape of your mouth and skull. Absence of fat makes the line more prominent (jawline). Jaw is stronger than gums but patients, who go to same day implants in Dubai, are recommended to brush their slowly to keep their jaws strong and firm. Moreover, they are told different techniques and tips to keep their jaws firm and strengthened. They are advised to eat varieties of food and have milk daily too ensure strength. 
  3. Gums: It is softer part of teeth and mouth. There are bundles of gums under each tooth to hold them. However, they are sensitive to hot and cold. That is the reason why doctors recommend their patients to drink Luke warm water and eat less ice-cream in regular life. Doctors ask them to increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, crunchy fruits and milk in their daily diet to make or keep their gums strong. Besides this, dentist ask everyone to eat nuts and almonds regularly and cheese as well to make your mouth a hub of good bacteria. They are advised to have nuts and cheese regularly to incorporate good bacteria in their mouth more. 
  4. Saliva: Saliva is a transparent and water-like secretion. It is released by the glands in the mouth. Its function is to assist teeth in digestion by breaking the compounds of food chemically. It is made up of water and several enzymes that give them (saliva) ability to break compounds. 

Tongue: Tongue is a fleshy and slippery organ of pink colour. You cannot hold because it has too much saliva. The function of tongue is to assist you in speech and pushing the food or broken food, mixed with saliva, in gut.