Things you need to know about Lamborghini Aventador

You are living in Dubai and you want to start business related to transportation or sports car then it is best business there. Either you are going to start business of sports bike rental Dubai or sports car business then it is best for you. Well, if we talk about sports car then Lamborghini are the most used cars in Dubai and you can earn more profit by starting this business in Dubai because Lamborghini ride Duabi are quite famous now a days. If you are still in doubt regarding this business or you have no information of Lamborghini cars then you must read this article. In this article we have added complete information regarding Lamborghini Aventador because before starting your business you must have complete knowledge of your product.


The Lamborghini Aventador is sports car and it is manufactured by Italian company. This company is known as Lamborghini. This car was manufactured in between 2011-2017. The body style of this car is 2-door roadster and doors style is scissor. The transmission of this car is 7-speed ISR. The engine of this car is 6.5L. there are different types of power output of this car such as 515kW, 545kW, 550kW and 565kW and these engines types are available in different models of Aventador such as Aventador, Aventador S, Aventador SV and Aventador SVJ respectively. The wheel base of this car is 2700mm and length and width are 4780mm and 2030 mm respectively. Its heights is about 1136mm. its average weight is about 1575 kg.

Models of Lamborghini Aventador:

About 4000 Lamborghini Aventador were manufactured for the first time but due to the popularity of this car then 5000 Lamborghini were manufactured in 2016. And now these cars are famous in all countries. Now different models of Aventador are also available in market. Details of its some of models have been given in this article.

Avetador LP700-4:

This model contain V12 engine and acceleration of this car is 0-97km/h. this car has removable roof which makes it more attractive. It has unique engine cover design and attachable wind deflector which improves the cabin airflow.

Aventador LP750-4:

Its production was announced in 2015 and it has upgraded powertrain. The maximum power output of this car is 750PS and it has also improved dynamics and has upgraded features as that of Aventador LP700-4.