Photo booth and its types

Photo booth!! Do you know what is it? If yes then it’s great but if you don’t know then read below.

Photo booth is the vending machine with such software and systems that can capture your photos and enhance them by filling them with different backgrounds and filters to make it either GIF or video or printed picture that you can use to create an album.

Booth is a place where the vending machine is place. It is the pea e where people stand in different poses to let the machine click pictures.

There are different kinds of photo booth but the two broad classification are

  1. Enclosed photo booth, and
  2. Open photo booth.

Enclosed photo booth are such spaces which have curtains and panels to give privacy to people who stand or sit in their own way to click pictures.  They vary in size. Some if them can accommodate 2peopke while others have enough space to let 16 people to come in.

Open photo booth, on the other hand, is open for viewers to see that what the people are doing to click pictures. They can have curtains but it won’t let viewers to look away from the people who are posing. They can accommodate more people in booth than enclosed booth.

Both of the two categories are further divided into different categories. These categories are:

  1. Traditional photo booths is enclosed photo-booth that has the inclusion of vintage style,  Retro styled and modern styled booths.
  2. Kiosk photo booth can be used as enclosed and open photo booth,  both. This booth is cylinder like structure that has computer screen to let you know that what are you posing and how are you doing.
  3. Photographer is that kind of photo booth in which photographers provide the services of clicking pictures of people who can stand in either in enclosed setup or open setup. The photogra0ger Cam change the backdrop and backdrop and background.
  4. Novelty is the last category in which crazy photo booths are present in caravan or car which you can use to capture the best pictures. It has mirror booth, cartoon booth and skin-mo video booth as well.

So,  these are few types of photo booth which you can think of using. After all,  they can make your pictures a thousand word story of your emotions and mental state.