6 things to know about solid surface table tops

If you’re planning to buy solid surface table tops or countertops for your kitchens and bathroom at affordable prices, you need to consider a few things before making the right decision.

It’s essential to know that a ‘solid surface’ is the best choice when it comes to tabletops and countertops. They are affordable and offer several benefits to the buyers because of their multi-purpose use.

When it comes to quality table tops, Corian, Sharjah provides trendy solid surface materials to help your homes look cleaner and better within reasonable prices.

To list down a few important things, we have come up with a list of things to know about solid surface table tops to help you understand more about them.

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1. Stable Base

A solid surface is a perfect material since it provides a great and strong touch in the form of tabletops and countertops. Therefore, the solid surface table tope appears like natural stone and provides a stable base with few chances if damage repair to the buyers and users.

2. Non-Porous

They are easy to clean as they are almost non-porous. They promote a cleaner environment because they prevent bacteria and germs from piling up on the top and offer peace of mind to the users.

3. Homogeneous

Solid surface table tops are homogeneous from top to bottom, unlike ceramic tile. Therefore, they provide more aesthetic appeal to your kitchens and bathrooms, unlike multi-layered products.

4. Maintenance

Although they are easy to repair the users need to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. Make sure to keep it scratch-free while using a cutting board or any other sharp material. Also, avoid using polish removers and other chemicals or use a few droplets of non-acetone polish remover to clean the surface.

5. Variety of Colors

They come in a wide variety of colors for the users. You can either choose solid or sparkling colors with effects like granite or marbleized. You can even choose between a high-gloss or matte finish as per your requirements and needs.

6. Heat-Resistance

They have seamless properties as they can easily resist heat. However, it’s also essential to avoid putting a hot pan and other hot objects on the surface without a hot pad because excessive heat can result in the cause of stains and scratches.